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Yuna Crystals



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Natural soy wax with a heavenly blend of fresh hydrangeas, lavender ocean mist and golden apples, underpinned by a woody musk base adorned in naturally dried blooms.

Top Notes: Lavender, Ocean Mist, Apple

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Hydrangeas, Lily

Base Notes: Amber, Cedar, Musk

Approx 50gm mix of soy moons and clouds 

Yuna Soy Melts are made with the highest grade of fragrance oils and vegan, cruelty free natural soy wax making them burn clean ensuring the wax melts have a strong and lasting throw. Each batch is slowly hand poured, therefore every melt will be unique.


How to use

The aromas of soy melts have a higher scent than regular candles. We recommend putting 3-4 melts in to your electric warmer or tealight burner that will last for hours. Be careful not to overload your burner/warmer.

Each melt lasts up to 3-4 hours, but this depends on the type of warmer used and room temperature.

Suggested use and warning

We recommend using wax warmers 3-4 hours at a time. The wax can be re melted until the fragrance has completely dissipated from the wax.

To clean or change melts simply warm the remaining wax until it liquidfies and carefully soak and wipe your burner/warmer with a paper towel.

Please do not leave the wax warmer unattended or in the reach of children and pets. Do not move burner whilst in use. Keep away from drafts, flammable materials such as curtains and dried flowers. 

Do not eat the wax.


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