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Yuna Crystals

Mauve Pastel Fluorite Towers | MFT

Mauve Pastel Fluorite Towers | MFT

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approx 8.5cm - 11cm 

#5 is the largest (11cm) however has a minor would on the tip. Marked down respectively

These towers have a a sweet and calming mauve color. Some are more saturated than others. 

Fluorite assist with mental clarity and focus. Useful for the upper chakras such as Crown, Third eye and throat, it is a wonderful stone to develop your spiritual connection and development, heighten intuitive abilities, and assisting rapid organization and processing of information bring clarity and stability. A great study buddy and great companion for the work space.

Images are taken inside with natural lighting and are true to color as much as possible. no artificial lighting or filters were used.

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