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Yuna Crystals

Moonstone Sunstone Hybrid Sphere | PSM02

Moonstone Sunstone Hybrid Sphere | PSM02

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⭐︎ Balance ⭐︎ Intuition ⭐︎ Creativity ⭐︎ Passion 

Approx 5cm

This beautiful stone combines the energy of both Sunstone and Peach Moonstone. It embodies Sunstone's bright, positive energy that aligns the mind, body and spirit with its highest vibrations, whilst carrying Peach Moonstone's Divine Feminine energies, promoting fertility and love.

Use Peach Moonstone and Sunstone to enhance passion, enthusiasm and creativity back into one's life when they have lost touch with those feelings.

Use this Wonderful hybrid stone to facilitate self-empowerment, independence and emotional support. It is symbolic of new beginnings and is recommended to be worn by anyone who is experiencing major changes in their life. 

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