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Pink Lemurian Cluster | PLC01

Pink Lemurian Cluster | PLC01

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- L E M U R I A N -

 Clarity ⭐︎ Divine Feminine ⭐︎ Ancient Wisdom

Origin: Santander, Colombia 

*stand not included

Beautiful chunky cluster with some Lemurian points. approx 13.5 x 8 x 4.5cm

Commonly used during spiritual healing, it is a beautiful crystal to mediate with. Sit with a Lemurian crystal and run your fingers over the striations to activate and open your Crown chakra and Heart chakra- you may feel a deep unconditional love and a connection with the stars and our Earth that will stay with you.
Chakras: Third Eye, Crown and Heart
Zodiacs: All
♡ Affirmation: "I call forth ancient wisdom and love from the Lemurians."
It was believed Lemurian crystals were linked to a "lost land" a land bridge that once existed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans called Lemuria ⛰️

Many myths also speak of there being a great and advanced human race that once lived on Lemuria who had a close and instinctive relationship with the Earth.

The Lemurian civilisation foresaw it's ending, a cataclysm which brought the end and sinking of Lemuria beneath the ocean, and they seeded the world with special crystals containing their knowledge in order to accelerate the return to the next cycle of civilisation.
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