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Pink Moss Agate Tower | PMAT001

Pink Moss Agate Tower | PMAT001

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- M O S S  A G A T E -

Abundance ⭐︎ Stability ⭐︎ Growth

Approx measurements: 4 x 3 x 18.5cm

Moss Agate carries a gradual energy that provides stability and balance. Moss Agate can help improve ones life by helping attract and recognise abundance, contentment, and stability. Harness the energy of its tree like branches to inspire growth and development in your life. This stone is wonderful to harness for those experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions, as it helps calms and balance these emotions whenever they become too extreme.

 Moss Agate helps us appreciate and practise gratitude for the good things and joy that surround us so it's perfect to hold whilst writing in gratitude Journals which in turn will support you when attracting good in your life.

Moss Agate works along side with your heart Chakra by allowing love and nurturing energies flow freely bringing a sense of peace within yourself. 

Moss Agate has been a popular stone for thousands of years with farmers because they believed it atteact abundance to their farms and helped them connect with earth.


Chakras: Heart, Root

Zodiac: Virgo

Affirmation: "I draw upon the energy of Mother Earth to heal and live in harmony."

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