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Yuna Crystals

Rutiled Quartz - RQ59

Rutiled Quartz - RQ59

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- L O D A L I T E  Q U A R T Z -
Fluffy Rutile!
Rutilated, therefor having a celestial power, elevating and amplifying intention, and enhancing intuition, illuminating the soul.

Lodalite has a number of different names such as Shaman Quartz and Garden Quartz. It is Quartz with a variety of mineral inclusions making them look like small scenic views of landscapes, gardens or underwater scene. As Quartz is its main property, it will enhance the energies of the other minerals encapsulated within the Quartz. Shamans used this variety to experience visions

Lodalite has a very spiritual energy and is often used or meditative states. It is often used to bring up knowledge from past lives, connect with inner wisdom, invites new energy to manifest desires, and engage with affirmations more powerfully and clearly.  

Chakra: Third Eye
Zodiac:  All
Affirmations: "With each step I take I move towards my true life purpose"

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