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Yuna Crystals



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Approximate measurements 18cm l x 26cm h x 9cm w

weight 1.7kg

The beauty of creating your own Altar is there are no rules when creating an altar. It all comes from within your heart, so make it personal and meaningful so that each time you return to it, it helps return you to your deepest aspirations, prayers, mindfulness, manifestation, and meditation.

Our altars were created to home your most precious crystals, statues, cleansing tools, flowers and plants, pictures or card decks and make a beautiful focal point for rituals. Our Altars are slowly created by hand with love and intent and have natural textures. They are created using the highest grade of plaster then sealed. No two are the same. 


As they are made from plaster, our Altars are for inside use only. If you wish to use candles be sure to place them outside of the altar as putting a candle inside may blacken the surface of the Altar. We highly recommend using LED Candles. Care should be taken when using lit candles at all times.

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