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Apophyllite Haematite | APOH006

Apophyllite Haematite | APOH006

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- A P O P H Y L L I T E  -

⭐︎ clarity ⭐︎ intuition⭐︎ spirituality
approx 8 x 13cm
self standing. Stunning is llike looking from a birds eye view of mossy rolling hills with icy crystal rocks
Apophyllite is beautiful crystal to enhance your spiritual vibration and to facilitate connection with the spiritual world. Apophyllite can help us to release any anxiety, fear, worry or stress that could be holding us back. It can activate the spiritual realm allowing us to connect and transfer information from spirit to our physical body promoting insight and awareness. 
Chakras: Third Eye and Crown
Affirmation: "I am connected and guided by divne light"
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