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Yuna Crystals

SUN SPELL Sola Reed Room Diffuser

SUN SPELL Sola Reed Room Diffuser

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An ode to our Sun and taken from our popular core range, SUN SPELL is a perfect warm scent. Smells like warm tobacco flowers, rich spices, nutmeg husk, vanilla, tonka bean, cacao, and dried fruits on a woody base 

Our diffusers are alcohol free and made from natural ingredients.

Comes with Sola Flower and 3 Reed sticks.

Our Solar Flowers are hand crafted from an all natural wood known as Aeschynomene Aspera (Sola Wood) and each flower is handcrafted into realistic flowers by Artisans. They are eco friendly ad last forever!

Our solar flowers absorbs the oils into the stems and diffuse the scent through its petals! 


For optimal results, place your Reed Diffuser in a highly trafficked area as air movement lifts the fragrance. While under an air vent will use the product more quickly, it does keep the fragrance constantly lifted. Additionally, you can flip your reeds every 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend doing this over a sink and using a paper towel to grab the reeds and flip. 

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