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Lemurian Ring on gold plated band | LMR2

Lemurian Ring on gold plated band | LMR2

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- L E M U R I A N -

 Clarity • Divine Feminine • Ancient Wisdom

Origin: Brazil

Adjustable 14k gold plated adjustable band

Lemurian Quartz is a unique type of Quartz and based on mythology it was seeded across the globe millions of years ago by the Lemurians etched with their knowledge and wisdom to be uncovered when future generations needed it and humanity. It embodies the Divine Feminine energy, ancient wisdom, love, unity and humanity. It is a powerful healing stone that is credited by professional healers to help eliminate energy blockages. 


Chakras: Third Eye, Crown

Zodiacs: All

Affirmation: "I call forth ancient wisdom from the Lemurians."

These beautiful Lemurian Seeds were harvested from Brazil. They are raw and unpolished with natural striations.



It was believed Lemurian crystals were linked to a "lost land" a land bridge that once existed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans called Lemuria ⛰️

Many myths also speak of there being a great and advanced human race that once lived on Lemuria who had a close and instinctive relationship with the Earth.

The Lemurian civilisation foresaw it's ending, a cataclysm which brought the end and sinking of Lemuria beneath the ocean, and they seeded the world with special crystals containing their knowledge in order to accelerate the return to the next cycle of civilisation.


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