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Lithium Iron Oxide Quartz Cluster

Lithium Iron Oxide Quartz Cluster

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- L I T H I U M  Q U A R T Z -

⭐︎Balance ⭐︎Uplift ⭐︎Harmony

Approx 8 w x 5.5 cm h 

Origin: Brazil

The mineral, Lithium, is often used in many of todays mood stabilizing medications, but in its pure form as it comes out of the Earth. When combined with Clear Quartz, the natural stabilising properties of Lithium are amplified. These clusters were harvested from Brazil and have a mixture of both Lithium and iron Oxide (red orange) giving some of the clusters shades of purple, red, pink and orange.

Lithium in Quartz restores balance in your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When emotions are high or feelings of stress or anger emerges, use Lithium quartz to calm your storm and rein in your composer. To assist further, with Lithium Quartz invites stillness for reaching deeper meditation. Place a piece of Lithium Quartz near your head or bedside to help calm a overactive mind that will easing you in a restful dream state.

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