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Pink Faden Quartz Cluster | PFC11

Pink Faden Quartz Cluster | PFC11

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- P I N K  F A D E N  Q U A R T Z -
Healing ⭐︎ Balance ⭐︎ Unify ⭐︎ Growth
origin: Santander Colombia 
extremely rare
Stand not included
approx 12.5 x 6.5 x 4.5cm
Faden quartz promotes self-healing and personal growth. Often used in metaphysical healing, this crystal is considered an excellent channel for communication between the healer and an individual. Use Faden Quartz to create and maintain an ethereal connection with others on this plane, and other dimensions. It is a perfect tool for those experimenting with astral travel and the exploration of parallel dimensions as the "thread" found within the Faden Quartz Crystal is said to represent the “silver cord” strengthening your 'cord' and protecting you on your flight.
Fadens are used in cleansing a persons aura and are a great aid in opening all Chakras as it provides a way to learn information that has been hidden by closed energy areas and provide an avenue where the person can then start to heal the blockage at its core. 

Faden Quartz has an incredible unique form. It occurs in a cleavage or fissures between two existing rock formations. Initially, this tiny Quartz deposit is a gap-filled vein that has crystals connecting to both metamorphic rocks. Over an extremely long period of time, the two rocks will begin to separate. This gives the Quartz an opportunity to continue to attach itself to rock walls and bridges new openings. This slow stretching of the Quartz crystals results in a “thread” like effect ( a distinctive white "zone" or a "scar" that can be seen in high-quality pieces).

In most cases the Quartz Crystals inside the host rock rupture as the fissure continues to open and then the quartz crystals heals itself rapidly forming a white thread like zone within itself. A secondary layer of Quartz then grows on top of this initial white "zone" and crystallizes over and over again as it continues to break and rupture ovr a long period of time, forming a beautiful stack of tabular quartz interlocked with a white string in the middle.

Naturally the brittleness of this stone makes some pieces break upon frequent handling, which is part of the reason why Faden Quartz is so valuable.

After tests Colombia Quartz is known to be the most pure quartz in the world! 

Chakras: all

Zodiac: all

 Affirmation: "I am connected to universal insight"




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