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Satya Incense | Super Hit

Satya Incense | Super Hit

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1 packet 15gm

Super hit is one of my favourites! Super Hit incense sticks are masala based like Nag Champa but with a different fragrance. Super hit is a little sweeter and refreshing. If you like Nag Champa I definitely recommend trying the super hit

Satya Incense are delicate and beautiful, hand-rolled using traditional methods and blends of masala spices, florals and resins.

Each incense stick has a burn time of 30-40 minutes, with each box containing approx. 12-15 sticks.

Each incense stick is individually hand rolled in the high quality oils so each sticks can vary slightly in its thickness. The brand is used everywhere in Buddhist temples as a wonderful aid to personal meditation in ritual or spell work as part of a cleansing or just to create a wonderful relaxed and pleasant ambience in the home

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