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Yuna Crystals

Sweet Dreams Melt Warmer

Sweet Dreams Melt Warmer

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Pair your wax melts with our beautiful Sweet Dreams tea light wax burner

White Porcelain Tealight Burner

Measurements 12.1cmH x 10.3cmD

Use with standard size Tealight


Suggested use and warning

We recommend putting 2-4 melts into our tealight burner. Maximum burn time 4hrs 
Be careful not to overload your burner/warmer. 

To clean or change your wax melt simply light a tealight candle in the burner for a couple of seconds and push the remaining solidified wax out of your burner. Clean any residue with a clean paper towel. Add in your new melt and enjoy again.

The wax can be re melted until the fragrance has completely dissipated from the wax.

Do not leave the wax warmer unattended or in the reach of children and pets. Do not move burner whilst in use. Keep away from drafts, flammable materials such as curtains and dried flowers. 

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