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STUPA Incense Lokta Tube

STUPA Incense Lokta Tube

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Supa Incense Lokta Tube

Stupa incense is created along the foothills of Kathmandu Nepal and is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. Natural herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks like valerian, liquorice and others are blended to create this beautiful incense. 

15 x  Incense sticks (each one approx 10cm long)- burn time is approximately 30 mins per stick.

1x Incense clay burner


Stupa Incense use handmade lokta paper, an ancient tradition. The 100% recyclable lokta paper tube is made by local farmers and screen printers who collect the fibres.

Tube Size: 11.5cm L x 2cm W x 2cm H


Choosing your scent

Austha Suganda: is a sanskrit word that roughly translates to "faith", whilst suganda translates to one of the four fragrances as defined in the Dharma-Samgraha, which is an extensive glossary of Buddhist terms in Sanskrit, written by a monk in 2nd century AD. The scent helps us to connect with the purity of our spirit and our innate knowledge that we are part of the whole universe.  Scent: Exotic, Aromatic, Mild-Sweet, peppery

Devdar: is the name of the Himalayan Cedar tree or "wood of the Gods", it is a hugely popular ingredient in Nepalese incense revered for its ant-bacterial, medicinal properties and has been used to create incense (especially temple incense)by monks since ancient times, it represents spiritual dedication, faith and has calming properties allowing the mind to easily let go of any surrounding chaos or emotional heaviness in order to prepare itself for meditation. Scent: Mild-sweet

Dorjee: created in honour of Lama Dorjee, the monk who assisted Stupa in learning the ancient art of incense making. In Hindu Dorjee also translates to Shining Light. Scent: Woody

Na Swa: translates to beautiful scent, created to share a little of the incredible fragrances that are present in the Nepalese mountainside with the rest of the world. Scent: Mild, Peppery and sweet

Nag Champa: fragrance is one of the most well known in the world, originally from India the scent is created using a combination of sandalwood and frangipani, the scent from this blend is a beautiful balance between woody and floral sweet and is hugely popular. It is used in temples, by practitioners of all kinds and daily by many people in their homes, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation to any space. Scent: Woody and sweet

Frankincense: traditionally used in ceremonies, rituals and also for meditation. It is commonly used for protection and purification rituals but is also perfect for the purpose of warding off any negative energies while attracting positive ones. This incense is also ideal for the purpose of creating a sacred space for meditation, healing or connecting with spirit. Scent: very-mild, earthy, piney subtle sweet peppery 

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is one of the most widely used incenses in India, where the scent of sandalwood is prolific, gently drifting out of temples and homes alike. It is believed to be the scent that is favoured by the Gods and commonly used during meditation to assist in focussing the mind and connecting it to the divine. It breaks down illusions and allows you to align with your higher self. Scent:  woody and sweet

Himalayan Cedar: Himalayan Cedar has been used to create incense (especially temple incense) by monks since ancient times, it repesents spiritual dedication, faith and has calming properties allowing the mind to easily let go of any surrounding chaos or emotional heaviness in order to prepare itself for meditation. Scent: Mild-earthy and woody scent


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